Saturday, November 17, 2007

Reflections on the Master Data Management Conference

As a firm whose "strike zone" involves the translation of raw data into high-impact decisions, the Fitzgerald Analytics Team has long been passionate about the "analytic process." And if you define it broadly enough, the so-called "Analytics Value Chain" does indeed stretch...
  1. From the origins of raw data...
  2. it's management within established standards, governance, and processes...
  3. it's inclusion in core data assets...
  4. ...which are used as inputs to analytic platforms...
  5. ...upon which analytic tools are built and deployed...
  6. ...which are used within business processes...
  7. systematically make better, more profitable, decisions :-)
And while step #7 is "where the money is," the chain of causality stretches all the way back to step #1.

With this perspective in mind, our team took time out from client work to attend the CDI-MDM Summit last week, here in New York City. This is the premier conference focused exlusively on Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration, and was worth every penny, minute, and calorie we spent attending.

We will be posting a more extensive summary of takeaways, but at a high level, the event did a great job of showcasing the fact that good data management remains, as it has been for several decade now, the "great precondition." What I mean by that is that since modern business processes are build on information, the management of corporate data as a precious asset is required to enable C-level strategic objectives including:
  1. Compliance and Risk Management
  2. Agility and responsiveness to change (for example, to pursue new markets, segments, or partnerships)
  3. Merger integration
  4. Marketing ROI
  5. Sales Force Effectiveness
...and many other objectives.

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