Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Data Management Conference

Together with teammates and clients, I'm about to head uptown for the long-awaited MDM New York Conference. Having attended annually since 2007, I've found the event always thought-provoking regarding this critical topic which is becoming a fast-growing but still emergent discipline/function.

Some of the "highlight topics" we expect to be especially resonant:
  1. MDM: NOUN OR VERB -- explores the key question "is Master Data Management something you buy or is it a long term commitment?"
  2. MDM in the Health Care Industry -- obviously a hugely important topic with regard to digital medical records
  3. Data Governance -- and "oldie but goodie" topic, a perennial, because it's such a "key precondition" to success in data management, so essential to getting ROI on MDM investments
More to come...

Posted By:
Jaime Fitzgerald