Thursday, March 24, 2011

So much Information, So Little Practical Analytics that “Works”

The bottom line when discussing analytics is that when it works, it can add huge value; however in the world of analytics there is a deluge of information, technology and analytic options – so much so that I’ve noticed a pervasive frustration in the business community that analytics solutions do not work smoothly or often enough.   Together with the TDWI, New York Technology Council, and event sponsors, we’re going to take a step toward fixing this problem.  In my keynote, and in this event, we’ll try and bridge the gap between the awesome potential of analytics and the complexity of figuring out how to realize that potential.  

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We will discuss the key drivers of results in a number of key business models in financial services, and we will be clear about the decisions we need to make to improve results in these business models, without overcomplicating the analysis.  We will share with you a simpler way to translate a business decision that needs to be made into an analytics method that is fit with purpose…in the trenches practitioners have figured this out but there’s not a lot of sharing of how to best do this…our goal is to share more…based on real experiences of myself and others.