Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jaime To Present at Text Analytics World NYC!

Jaime Fitzgerald will speak at the 2011 Text Analytics World conference in New York City, scheduled for October 19-20.  Along with co-presenter Alex Hasha, Jaime will speak on “New Insights from ‘Big Legacy Data’: The Role of Text Analytics at”

For decades, credit card transactions have generated mountains of data about consumer spending habits, but the data formats were designed for archiving and reporting rather than for data mining and pattern discovery.  In particular, the merchant's name is embedded in a text field, which also contains other information, without any standard format. is a new startup that is building a business on the extraction of value from this legacy data source.  Text analytics are being used to robustly identify merchants in the dataset as a first crucial step in the extraction of powerful insights about consumer spending behavior.

A long-term client of Fitzgerald Analytics, is a joint venture between MSN Money, Morningstar and Citi.

Alexander Hasha is the lead Data Scientist at, the definitive source for information on how people spend, save, and invest their money. Prior to joining Bundle, Alex worked in analytic modeling at Citigroup in the company's mortgage division, where he also wrote articles for publication. He is a graduate of M.I.T. and earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from NYU's Courant Institute. He also holds an advanced certificate in mathematics from Cambridge University.

The Founder and President of Fitzgerald Analytics, Jaime Fitzgerald has developed a distinctively quantitative, fact-based, and transparent approach to solving high stakes problems and improving results. His firm was named one of the “Best Small Consulting Companies to Work for” by Consulting Magazine, and ranked on Inc.5000 list of fastest-growing small businesses. Jaime’s specialties include strategic analytics, information management, knowledge management, technology strategy, and business process improvement. Jaime has advised market-leading banks, retailers, manufacturers, media companies, and non-profit organizations in the United States, Canada, and Singapore.

With his team at Fitzgerald Analytics, Jaime developed a set of unique methodologies that enable analytic professionals and teams to enhance their effectiveness. He has shared these methods at 5 major conferences and events in the past year, including a keynote presentation for The Data Warehousing Institute focused on practical analytics in the financial services industry.