Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Medicare Cost Analysis - Guest Radio Appearance to Explore Data-Driven Insights

On Thursday, July 28th Jaime Fitzgerald, will approach the challenges of Medicare costs and quality via analytics, as a guest commentator on Inside Analysis, a new show by which analyzes federal spending trends. The conversation will be completely non-partisan, hinging exclusively on data-driven insights and interpretation.

This week’s Inside Analysis discussion centers around the financial side of Medicare—ensuring high-quality care while controlling costs and preventing fraud.  Jaime will join phenomenal panelists whose experience in the sector will complement Jaime's focus on the numbers...
Together, Jaime and his colleagues will tackle big questions including:  
·         What is the return on investment for fraud detection?
·         What accounts for the major variations in Medicare costs by region?
·         Is there an efficient way to handle end of life costs while protecting quality of care?
·         What can be done to keep Medicare viable?

Tune in to the exciting live webstream (audio plus video) Thursday, 12:00pm EDT
Register here: to submit questions for Jaime and the other panelists!