Saturday, September 4, 2010

What Motivates Analytic Professionals?

There are many reasons why we love or hate our jobs.

Professional analysts: what motivates YOU the most? If you could design the perfect job in analytics, what is the key? 

For example, are you motivated by the nature of the work, the types of problems you solve, the financial incentives, career path upside, or something else?

Update End of Year 2010:

Hi fellow professionals -- thanks so much for all your comments on this thread.  We hosted this discussion both HERE and on the Fitzgerald Analytics page on AnalyticBridge. Both the number, and the quality, of the posts exceeded my expectations.  In about 1 week we are going to "close the window" on comments for this round, so we can plan and pursue next steps to research the topic further...and will be reaching out to all of you to invite your participation in that next round of discovery.

In the meantime if you have not commented YET, please do this week!  I'm super grateful, and will do whatever I can to make it worth your while as we pursue this further.
Jaime Fitzgerald
Founder and President
Fitzgerald Analytics