Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Profitable Analytics Projects via Simplifying Methodologies - Join me at the Financial Services Symposium August 18th

The gigantic potential of analytics has generated a mountain of hype and a cacophony of buzz. Unfortunately, the more buzz in your ears, the less likely YOUR analytics project will hit pay dirt. My specialty is solving this problem for clients, and next week I'll share my approach at the Financial Services Symposium (details below...)

RX for More Successful Analytics Projects: Simplify from Jaime Fitzgerald on Vimeo.

The hype around analytics leads to more complexity and less clarity. Technology vendors, service providers, and even colleagues lead each other to believe that the more advanced your analytic methods, the better your results.

This tends to obscure a relatively simple goal: making better use of existing information to achieve our goals.

In my Keynote Presentation at the Financial Services Symposium, and off-stage throughout the day, I will be sharing my methodology for getting results in analytics. These methods have helped me unlock millions of dollars for clients… but are free with admission when you attend next week.

Jaime Fitzgerald
President and Founder
Fitzgerald Analytics