Monday, April 9, 2012

Big Data Meets Customer Profitability Analytics

We are expecting more than 100 attendees at our latest NYC meetup tomorrow, for an event focused on the intersection between Big Data and Customer Profitability analysis.

Customer Profitability Analytics remains a "must have capability" in Financial Services and Beyond, and for many companies there is still a gap in their ability to "know where their profit comes from" at the customer level, client level, and household level.  Customer profitability analysis--and related methodologies--are key enablers of improving KPIs including:
  1. Customer Lifetime Value ("CLV")
  2. Customer loyalty and retention
  3. Share of wallet maximization
  4. Marketing ROI
  5. Impact of Customer Service, Customer Experience, and Customer Satisfaction on Profit
  6. Product design, pricing, promotion, and positioning
  7. Allocation of resources (capital, budget, HR, etc)
While "Big Data" is arguably the biggest buzzword in data science today, you "can't deposit data in the bank" no matter how big it is!

This event will focus on a key question:   how does big data and related technology enhance the potential of customer analytics?  In what ways have best practices in Customer Profit analytics stayed the same, and in what ways does Big Data create new potential in this domain?

The discussion will be moderated by Jaime Fitzgerald, founder of consulting firm Fitzgerald Analytics.  The firm helps clients improve results through better use of data, technology, and analytics, and was named a “Best Small Consulting Firm to Work For” two years in a row.  Jaime has extensive experience in Customer Profitability Analysis, Data Management, and Big Data and is a frequent speaker on these topics. 

Jaime will be joined by co-presenters with first-hand experience in various dimensions of the problem, including current and former analysts at Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Citi, and the credit card division of Bridgestone Firestone.  The presentation and Q&A will be highly interactive, and focused on practical insights that can be applied to improve results.