Friday, April 5, 2013

Customer Profitability Analytics Tutorial NYC: Core Algorithms, Process, + Use Cases

Fitzgerald Analytics is hosting a Customer Profit Analytics Tutorial focused on how to calculate profitability at the customer level.

On April 23rd in NYC, attendees will learn to create a "customer level P&L Statement" for each of their customers, clients, households, etc. Being able to do this accurately is essential to enabling a range of high-impact analytic methods and use-cases.  For more info, and to RSVP, see full event details hereIf you would like to attend, you can RSVP here
Event Agenda:
  1. Introduction to Customer Profitability Analysis, including it's history, how it has been used in the past, and the role these methods play in analytic work today
  2. Customer Profitability Algorithms: we will walk through the specific algorithms you need to use to turn raw data into customer profitability metrics, and share tips on how to customize them depending on your business model, data sources, and how you intend to use the metrics
  3. Data Requirements: We will define the data required to implement customer profitability algorithms
  4. Process: we will share an efficient process developed over 15 years to plan and execute analytic projects
  5. Use Cases: 5 common use-cases of customer profitability will be illustrated to give attendees a sense of how these metrics can be used to achieve specific business objectives
Speakers will include Jaime Fitzgerald, teammates from Fitzgerald Analytics, and possibly others from the Analytics in Financial Services Group. Fitzgerald has been helping clients with Customer Profitability Analytics since the summer of 1996, and it has become an important and recurring theme in our work through the present day.
Additional Resources:  If you are interested in more content on Customer Profitability Analytics and the Fitzgerald Analytics approach to the topic, see below for a number of things we have done in the past related to Customer Analytics:
  1. The FA Team put together an event an last year entitled "When Big Data Meets Customer Profit Analytics" -- here are the slides from that event:

  1. Jaime Fitzgerald also wrote an article on the topic -- Customer Profitability in the Big Data Era.
  2. Jaime Fitzgerald led a Webinar for Dataversity on the topic...the recording of which is available here.